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Business Operations

Electric Power Supply for Convenience Stores and Electricity Retail Business

ITOCHU Plantech manages electric power supply facilities and equipments for convenience stores based on a firm and reliable organization while pursuing power supply services offered at lower prices than those of traditional electric power companies.

We made our full-out entry into the electricity retail business in April 2016, and we are diligently exploring new ways to offer value-added electric power services to further greater numbers of customers.

Selling Business for Energy-Saving Equipment

We sell energy-saving devices and equipments to major convenience stores and supermarket chains and other such businesses.
Through the supply of store signboards equipping LED light sources, we have achieved a significant volume of energy conservation and made a lot of supply records to a vast number of clients.

Supplying for Decentralized Water Treatment System

These filtration systems utilize an advanced high-performance membrane filtration to supply the safe and clean drinking water from groundwater.
ITOCHU Plantech supplies such systems through a various type of transaction , such as sells, leases and rents , thus simultaneously reducing a cost of water charge and providing lifelines of emergency-use water.