Supporting lives around the world
Through electricity, water, transportation, and other social infrastructure

We enrich people's lives and make society more sustainable.
By providing power services and energy-saving equipment.

We will continue to consider the present and future of living people,
respond to the demands of
an ever-changing society and always create new value

Aiming to be
a one-of-a-kind
business partner


As a trading company, ITOCHU Plantech specializes in utility fields such as water, electricity, oil and gas in addition to energy-related fields, environmental fields and heavy industry.
We leverage the advantages of being a medium-sized firm and employ the overall strengths offered by the ITOCHU Group to continue serving customers as import/export and domestic sales professionals.

Water &
Environment Project

We export and service plants and equipment for general water-related work such as seawater desalination and wastewater treatment, as well as geothermal power generation and other environmental facilities.


Infrastructure Project

We export and service electricity, oil and gas, and decarbonization-related plants and equipment.
We are involved in developing and advancing projects with domestic and overseas engineering companies and our other partners.


Transport Project

We export and provide O&M services for public social infrastructure (bridges, roads, ports, railway networks, etc.).
We support the lives of people in many countries by completing public social infrastructure projects.


Energy Solution

We offer energy solutions tailored to our customer's specific needs.
We will accelerate our efforts toward decarbonizing the economy and achieving SDGs, and provide solutions for our customers and society.