Power, water & Environment Project

Business Operations

We’ve been acting under the name of “Power, Water, and Environment Project Department” since April 1, 2019, mainly organizing in power, water, environment related business field.

We cultivated various knowledge with “on-site-capabilities” through after-service and/or maintenance jobs, because people always seek stable supply of power and water. So now, we have minded to serve the market with not only conventional generation-transmission-distribution, but also renewable energy with battery storage, in power field, while we have done the same for not only fresh generation, but also waste treatment with recycling in water field, and both of which relate to environmental elements.

We are challenging to be a global niche partner in the field of power and water, sometime being sufficiently flexible as ITOCHU Plantech, and sometime being tied up with ITOCHU Corporation to create a large-scale project.