Transport & Infrastructure Project

Business Operations

ITOCHU Plantech pursues railway business operations in collaboration with the ITOCHU Corporation.
Our business endeavors, overseas market mainly focused on locations such as China and Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, and Middle East include the export of rolling stock, railway systems, spare parts, railway-related equipment and other such products.
In addition to major projects undertaken for clients in Guangzhou and Hong Kong, China, we also have experience serving clients in the Philippines, Indonesia and other parts of Asia. We have participated in a new transit system project in Macao, and we involved in an energy saving train modernization project in Ukraine.
By making full use of the ITOCHU Group's global business network as well as the human resources and knowledge we have cultivated through our railway export business operations, we will pursue wide-reaching business endeavors both in Japan and abroad tailored to specific client needs as we expand our railway-industry operations across the globe.